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Oak is characterized by its wide open grain pattern and extreme durability.  Variations in grain pattern, color and pin holes are attributes of nature giving oak its distinctive beauty.


Maple offers a smooth, closed-grain pattern that is generally off-white in color, with varying tones of light pink and yellow-brown.  Maple contains a natural resin that causes the wood to turn amber as it ages.


Cherry is a rich and multi-colored hardwood that is distinguished by its flowing grain pattern.  Colors vary from light to deep reddish brown and will darken or mellow with age.


Hickory is known for its strength, open grain and distinctive color variation within each piece of wood.  Varying from light to deep brown, hickory's unpredictable color spread is especially noticeable in a natural or light finish, with darker stains mellowing the variation.


The term rustic refers to using material that presents a more authentic country, rural feel to the cabinetry.  The cabinets are designed to include a large amount of character elements in the wood.


Rustic Alder has a straight-grain pattern and an even texture.  The color is light brown with a reddish tinge that stains evenly.  it includes character spots, burrs and even  blemishes which do not affect its durability.

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