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You have challenges.

We have solutions.

For contractors, property managers, and owners alike, multifamily home construction and renovation is fraught with challenges. From a cabinetry standpoint, you need to keep the costs down while at the same time installing stylish products with broad appeal and long term quality. What looks good today must look good years from now.

Previous Completed Projects

We get it.

Everything we do is geared towards solving these challenges. Our focus on larger projects and our ability to work on multiple jobs at once affords us economies of scale, which we pass on to you in the form of significant cost savings. And because we manufacture everything we design, we will never deliver a design that cannot be built.

This brochure will give you a good idea of the impeccable workmanship and strategic thinking inherent in Cabinet Brothers cabinetry.

But to really appreciate it, you need to see it for yourself. And to do that, just give us a call. 630-929-7120 or 1-877-554-CABS



What makes our cabinets the best?

  • Efficient build and delivery timelines

  • Optional Features: 3/4” optional plywood dowel construction, full-extension dovetail drawers, and additional color choices

  • Unmatched consistency in craftsmanship and service

  • Soft close mechanisms on doors and drawers are completely silent and slam-resistant to reduce wear over time

  • Attention to detail gets your project  right the first time

  • Full access frameless construction maximizes space and allows for easy inspections and cleaning

  • Made in the USA

  • Available, durable PVC based covering that resists chips, scratches, and chemicals”


Product Features



Soft-close drawers

with single wall

metabox for simple installation and


2  |  CONSTRUCTION   5/8” backing keeps cabinets square during shipping and allows for easy installation by fastening anywhere in the interior of the cabinet.

3  |  DOORS

Shaker or slab door and drawer front options in a variety of finishes, including our optional, durable PVC finish.

4  |  LEGS

Adjustable 800lb capacity legs make this cabinet resistant to water damage while allowing for easy leveling and quicker installation.

5  |  HINGES  Concealed, soft-close hinges are six-way adjustable with 105° access.


Adjustable, 3/4” thick storage shelves.


White foil interior with matching edge banding, to resist stains and scratches.

8  |  TOE KICK

Waterproof toe kick with adjustable clips and flexible wiper floor seal for easy removal and cleaning.”


As for the cabinetry itself, you’ll be hard pressed to find higher quality construction or more attention to detail. Details that enable our products to stand up to everything life throws at them, cut install time by a whopping 70%, and ensure long-lasting style. From soft close mechanisms to proprietary adjustable legs to available PVC-based covering that resists chips, scratches and chemicals, and repels water as expertly as a duck’s back. Considering water damage causes over $13 billion in losses annually, water-resistant cabinetry is guaranteed to add value to your property and longevity to your project.


25 years. Thousands of multifamily jobs.

That's how you build a reputation.

You learn a lot in 25 years. Especially when you focus on large multifamily properties. The importance of quality service, for example. And how to compress the build-to-ship timeline. Then there are all the benefits of strategic planning and the savings that come with large scale production. You also learn that innovative products have a truly timeless appeal and that there’s no substitute for attention-to-detail and pride-filled workmanship. And when you build all of this experience into a cabinet line that’s only available to those in multifamily real estate, you leave your competitors in the sawdust.

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