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Chicago's Kitchen, Bath and Countertop Showroom.

Multifamily Commercial or Residential. A certified "no obligation" design is simply a phone call away.


1-877-554-CABS or 630-929-7120

In Kitchen, Bath or Commercial Cabinet Design – Pricing and Excellence Matters

Your home is the framework for your life. It serves as the setting for our fondest of memories and it provides us the comfort and shelter we seek every day. Improvements to any home are an improvement to our life. At Cabinet Brothers, we understand the importance of your remodel. We start with excellence and combine that with affordable pricing so that we can enhance your home and your life.

Cabinet Brothers features an extraordinary product line that lives up to the professional design and quality installation that we provide. We have decades of experience in kitchen, bath, and commercial projects. Cabinet Brothers are experts in their field, garnering a reputation for excellence that you can see from our client testimonials.

At Cabinet Brothers we are NKBA-Certified Kitchen and Bath Designers. When combined with our interior design skills and creative artisanship we can create your one of a kind living space. We are experts at electrical, plumbing and appliances so we can execute your job without any unexpected surprises. Come visit us in our state of the art showroom and see how we can preview your dream with our unique 3D graphics software.

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