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Custom Cabinets

So you’re thinking about custom cabinets for your new kitchen…what does the term “custom kitchen cabinets” really mean?  To professional kitchen designers it refers to the types and amount of modifications that can be done in a specific cabinet line. Custom cabinets can be built by “hand” in a small shop by master cabinet makers or ordered from a high end manufacturer that offers many modification options, or even bought  from a mid-line manufacturer that can change some of the specifications (height, width, depth…) but not as many as the more expensive lines.

So, when you think “custom cabinets”, you are probably thinking “expensive”.  At Cabinet Brothers we work with you to give you your dream Custom Cabinets.  Buy getting Custom Cabinets vs Stock your able to get what you really love and want rather than just making it work.

Whether it’s wainscot on your island, glass doors on some upper cabinets, or even a hutch with furniture feet.  All the details will give you the look of custom cabinets that will make your dreams come true. All it takes is a little research, a good kitchen designer that understands your needs and the patience to work through the details.

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